2011 marks a century of Naval Aviation, and we are only halfway through a year of tributes and celebration. It's an enormous milestone for all the men and women who have devoted their lives to Naval Aviation around the world, and it's only fitting that the Navy be out in full force at this year's EAA Airventure. It was a real treat seeing these aircraft out on display, not to mention those powered by the PT6. Three T6-A's, each equipped with the PT6A-68, caught the eye with impressive paint jobs and friendly pilots on hand to discuss avionics. But for anyone with a penchant for nostalgia, it was the T34-C that perhaps turned the most heads. Presented in a vintage 1938 colourway, this reliable little trainer has served the Navy for several decades, although the yellow T6-A pictured below is currently the Navy's training vehicle of choice. 100 years of protecting the skies - what an achievement! Congratulations to everyone involved, from the Naval pioneers of the early 20th Century to the bright, young Naval cadets of tomorrow. For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page. - Michael Johnson, PT6 Nation correspondent

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