DOCUMENTARY SERIES (Part 3) – Jack Beauregard

To celebrate the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary, PT6 Nation has launched a documentary series featuring interviews with “The Legends Behind the Legend,” Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 engine pioneers. It goes without saying that the original design team responsible for the PT6 engine is an integral part of P&WC’s brightest and most important milestone.

In this third installment of our documentary series, PT6 Nation catches up with Dr. Jean Pierre “Jack” Beauregard, a retired P&WC engineer who was part of the 12-man team responsible for bringing the PT6 engine to life. PT6 Nation was fortunate enough to catch Beauregard at the Royal Canadian Air Force Officers’ Mess, in Ottawa, where he was speaking to fellow members of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) about the legacy of the PT6 engine. (Beauregard is a former national president of CASI.)

The man affectionately known as “Jack” among his peers wore a kind but confident smile as he delved into the mechanics of the PT6 engine, explaining the inspiration behind the unique configuration that helped cement the engine as an industry standout. Beauregard, who left P&WC in 1985 as Vice President, Engineering, enjoyed a brief stint with Pratt & Whitney in Hartford and was instrumental in International Aero Engines’ (IAE) development of the V2500 engine for the Airbus 320. He later took a senior executive position at IAE’s office in Toulouse, France, before returning to Ottawa in the early 1990s to begin his relationship with Carleton University’s budding aeronautics program.

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