With facilities around the world, P&WC has extensive, multi-location technical expertise when it comes to the PT6 engine. In Europe, where P&WC has operated for decades, some 3,800 PT6 engines are in use. P&WC has long-standing relationships with European-based original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Pilatus, Daher-Socata, EADS PZL, PZL Mielec and Evektor – all of whom have aircraft applications that use the PT6 engine. These OEMs, and many others, have benefited from the broad PT6 product line and, in many cases, have even been able to grow their own product lines with the increased power from the various PT6 engine models available. As well, P&WC has a broad technical support capability throughout Europe, which is provided by the best and most experienced specialists in the business.

PT6 Nation spoke with one such specialist, Zbigniew Bąk, from the WSK-Rzeszów facility in Poland, which has earned a global reputation for the manufacture of P&WC engine parts.

Zbigniew first joined WSK-Rzeszów in 1973 but was obliged to leave in 1976 for two years of mandatory military service. Though he had many job offers after completing his military service, he opted to return to WSK-Rzeszów to work on parts assembly for the PT6 engine because of his interest in the engine. It’s a decision that he has never regretted.

Today, apart from his duties as a locksmith, Zbigniew oversees the employees on his production line, helping to ensure the quality of their work and that they are using the correct tools. Like everyone on the line, he is also responsible for production.

“I like the job and feel good about doing it,” he says. “Even after so many years, I still find that there are always new things to be learned. I enjoy working with my colleagues and solving issues together.” He says that the atmosphere at the facility is very open and that it’s very much a co-operative environment where people feel free to ask questions and seek advice.

He says that after so many years, the PT6 engine is in his DNA and has become a tangible part of his life. “I have fond memories of our initial dealings with P&WC,” says Zbigniew. “So much progress has taken place since, and I have learned a great deal over the years. Now when I see a gas generator for the PT6 engine, I understand exactly how it works.”

Zbigniew is one of thousands of P&WC employees around the world who have devoted their careers to helping create the PT6 engine legend and who continue to work every day to ensure that the legend continues to grow.

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