More than Just an Engine:

Smart, Digitally Driven PT6A Engine - Your Silent Co-Pilot on Every Flight

Aerial application can sometimes be a lonely business and while the engineers at Pratt & Whitney Canada haven’t yet taught the PT6A engine to speak, they have given it the digital smarts and data-analytics support system to serve as a trusted co-pilot on every flight.

Agricultural Operators to Get FAST

P&WC’s latest agricultural engine is the PT6A-140AG. Operators of -140AG-powered aircraft will soon have the option to include P&WC’s diagnostic and prognostic solution called FAST™ (Flight, Acquisition, Storage and Transmission). The FAST system automates the capture, transmission and analysis of a wide range of engine and aircraft data parameters. In other aviation segments where it is already certified, it is helping customers move toward fully planned and predictive maintenance environments. 

Unlike many avionics systems, which still require manual intervention to off-load data from the aircraft, the FAST system enables wireless transmission after each flight. Data is rapidly analysed and vital powerplant information and trend monitoring is sent to operators within 15 minutes of the pilot shutting down the engine.

Decisions Driven by Data

Armed with this intelligence, operators are able to make rapid data-driven decisions, which can help them lower costs and troubleshoot potential issues before they happen. In addition, analytical insights on the engine’s condition allows the operator to make a well informed decision on whether that end-of-season hot section inspection is really necessary.

The growing demand for solutions like FAST by the agricultural industry as well as across all aviation segments has led to a host of recent solution enhancements tailored to the various segments. New FAST features include on-board event detection and crew alerts, turbine blade creep counting, automated propeller vibration trend monitoring recently introduced to regional airline customers and automated power assurance checks for helicopter operators.  

“We are bringing the broad-based power of digital technologies to our engines,” says Nicholas Kanellias, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC. “The best aerial application pilots fly with an intuition that’s based on many years of experience. We are using our depth of experience and new technologies to deliver intuitive engine data to match that of the pilot. Working together, these two elements form an unbeatable duo.”

To learn more about FAST benefits, join us during the P&WC Educational Session on Wednesday, December 6 - 4:00 pm during the AG Aviation Expo in Savannah, GA.

The Power of a Drop of Oil

Another innovative technology that continues to build momentum as a next-generation on-wing monitoring solution for preventive maintenance is P&WC’s Oil Analysis Technology. With more than 5,000 engines participating in a customer trial as it nears the final stages of development, P&WC’s Oil Analysis Technology provides high visibility into the health and proficient operation of the engine without intrusive inspections.

P&WC’s technology detects tiny metal traces within the engine oil enabling the identification of deterioration of specific oil-wetted components such as gears, bearings and seals, well before a potential event occurs. It is substantially more sensitive than other oil monitoring solutions in its ability to analyze each particle of metal individually, the alloy and chemical element concentration, and the interaction between particles, to isolate and identify specific parts earlier and more accurately.

“Our oil analysis technology allows us to identify potential issues early to help minimize or avert them entirely,” says Kanellias. “We can target any area of concern and deliver customized maintenance recommendations. We can also use the technology to help our customers better plan shop visits and move toward a fully planned maintenance environment.”

Agricultural operators interested in participating in the trial can obtain more information from their local Field Support Representative (FSR) or by visiting the Oil Analysis Technology section of P&WC's website.

Anytime Access

P&WC continues to make investments in digital solutions that make it easier to do business with the company. P&WC’s new web portal MyP&WC Power, which launched last year, continues to evolve with new capabilities and works on any mobile device. The portal has some 16,000 customers accessing nearly 500 technical publications each week online. Users can also order some 40,000 new and refurbished engine parts via the portal, which can be shipped anywhere in the world as well as initiate engine rentals and returns, register warranties, submit claims and more.

Operators are also invited to attend the full-day PT6 Seminar on Sunday, December 3rd – 8 am at the Savannah Convention Center. Participants can earn credits toward their IA certificate renewal.

P&WC looks forward to meeting operators at the 2017 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo. Attendees who are interested in meeting with P&WC representatives are invited to contact Yves Houde at or Ryan Densham at

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