More Than An Engine: Why “Innovate or Die” is a Mantra that Keeps Nick Kanellias Driven by Day and Night.

“I like to share with customers that, at P&WC, we make PT6 engines, but we sell service,” says Nick Kanellias, responsible for General Aviation Programs at P&WC. “It is our strategic approach to the marketplace. In fact, we like to think of our PT6 engines as coming with strings attached; thousands of them connecting our customers to our vast customer service network, each serving as its own conduit to assured continued flight.”

Nick says the only thing more important than not underestimating your competitor’s product is not underestimating your own.

“We see ourselves as cut from a different cloth than our competitors… our products forged from a pattern no other has mastered,” says Nick.  

He points out that P&WC has been making the PT6 engine for decades and it was also decades ago that the company realized that in the aviation industry it was a case of “innovate or die.” The company obviously opted to innovate and continues to do so.

“We build innovation into every PT6 engine we make, that’s a given,” Nick says. “Just as important, we use innovation to ensure that flying a P&WC engine is a decades-long experience. We build engines that last with a service performance that’s always first.”

He concludes: “So as our competitors set their sights on trying to catch-up with what we’ve achieved during the past 50 years, we’re busy defining the next 50. We hope you’ll be along for the flight.”

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