#HowDoYouLikeMyPT6—Top voted submissions

As 2020 ended, P&W’s 50,000th PT6 turboprop engine rolled off the production line, achieving an exceptional milestone in General Aviation. To celebrate the venerable PT6 engine, we wanted to highlight the many astonishing aircraft and operators that take part in the writing of the PT6 “story” every day.  Since the very beginning of the PT6 Nation, we’ve made it our goal to engage with the PT6 Nation community and feature original content from our followers. So we launched the #HowDoYouLikeMyPT6 Photo Challenge on Instagram – challenging the nation to show off their snazziest photos of their favorite PT6-powered aircraft. We broke it down into three categories to give our followers the opportunity to get creative and interpret each one in a variety of different ways. The categories were as follows:

  • #StyleMyPT6

  • #DestinationPT6

  • #FlyMyPT6

As a token of our appreciation for all those who participated, we’re taking this opportunity to share the flight stories behind the top voted submission in each category as selected by the community. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Py_avgeek – Steve Ediger

Steve describes himself as a happy pilot, husband and father. His Instagram account is dedicated to showcasing beautiful imagery of his PT6A-powered Cessna Grand Caravan. A pilot since 2011, Steve is based out of SGAS, Asuncion in Paraguay. “[Ever] since I started flying, I stopped working,” he told us when asked about his career as a pilot. Steve’s passion for flight began at a very young age – looking up towards the sky as he ran down the dirt runway near his childhood home every time he heard a plane flying overhead. For Steve, it was never just a job, it’s always been a passion. His current job, which he started in 2016, has him flying turboprop Beechcraft King Air and Cessna Caravan aircraft – both of which are powered by the PT6A engine. 


“Nothing beats the sound of a PT6 starting up.” – Steve Ediger

Flyboy_Dane – Dane Campbell

Before deciding on becoming a pilot, Dane had a laundry list of different careers which included jobs in customer service, accounting, and administration. Feeling that these weren’t quite stirring his passion, he set his sights on obtaining his commercial pilot license – following in the footsteps of his father. He took his first lesson at the Victoria Flying Club in British Columbia, Canada, and – in his words – “never looked back.” Since becoming a certified pilot, he’s had jobs flying aircraft such as the Beechcraft King Air A 100 and Cessna 208 Caravan, as well as working as a medevac pilot out of Inuvik, the rugged Northwest Territories of Canada. Today, he counts himself fortunate enough to be gainfully employed throughout the pandemic in Hay River, also known as the “Hub of the North”, as captain of a Beechcraft King Air 200.


“Every time I fire up those PT6 engines, I have a huge smile on my face and never forget how lucky I am to be sitting in an aircraft instead of an office.” – Dane Campbell


Russell’s Instagram feed features gorgeous airborne landscapes taken as he flies through the mountains of exotic countries around the world. His story is a remarkable one –having only pursued his passion for flight after resigning from his then full-time job at the age of 30. His newfound professional freedom allowed him to complete his pilot certification in just eighteen months. After which he was able to find work that took him all the way to Indonesia – where his brand-new career started to take flight. Since then, promotions and new opportunities have taken him all over the globe. The grassy runways and vibrant imagery featured on his page, alongside his stunning PT6A-powered Cessna Grand Caravan, make for a story that’s incredibly easy to become lost in.


“You realize how vital aircraft are to these communities, and how the PT6 engine is the key to it all” – Russell Whitbread

We’d like to extend a big congratulations to Steve, Dane and Russell as well as a huge thank you to everyone who participated and sent in their favorite PT6-powered aircraft photos. We’d love to continue seeing and sharing your adventures as passionate members of the PT6 Nation community throughout 2021 and beyond. Until next time, keep those PT6 engines flying.

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