Engine of Choice: from converters to the ag market, new PT6A-140 engine series leads the pack

The PT6A-140 engine series is fast earning “engine-of-choice” status in the agricultural and utility markets as OEMs and converters alike select the engine. The PT6A-140 engine was originally certified for the Cessna Grand Caravan EX.  With over 350 engines produced, the PT6A-140 has accumulated more than 230,000 hours and a perfect record of reliability. 


  • To date, the PT6A-140 powers 20 Blackhawk Modification’s XP140 New Engine+ Upgrades for the Cessna Caravan.
  • The engine will also power the Cessna Caravan conversion offered by StandardAero.
  • Aircraft Structures International Corp. (ASIC) will use the PT6A-140 engine for its Cessna Caravan conversion as well.

Ag Market

  • The Air Tractor 502XP agricultural spray plane, now in service, is the first ag aircraft to be driven by the PT6A-140AG.
  • The Thrush 510P aircraft, expected to receive FAA certification in 2017, will also use the 140AG.

The engine has earned its status because it is recognized as providing best-in-class power and performance with reduced operating costs all supported by the best customer service network in the business.

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