Pratt & Whitney Canada is widely regarded as a great place to work. So it’s no surprise that the children of long-time employees sometimes find themselves walking in their parents’ footsteps. Here, we talk to two employees who have made working at P&WC a family affair.

When it comes to being proudly PT6, P&WC’s Michael Johnson has his father to thank.

Michael Johnson remembers being at the Singapore Airshow in the mid-1990s: “[I was] an obnoxious little kid running around the P&WC booth!” He could never have imagined that one day he would work in Communications for P&WC in Longueuil, Quebec, alongside Bob Milonja, Senior Coordinator, Marketing Shows & Exhibits, who ran the booth at the show and whose patience he undoubtedly tried on occasion.

Michael has been a Communications Advisor in the Communications department at P&WC since late 2010 and found his way into the company through a strong interest in aviation. That’s not surprising since his father, Stephen, has worked for P&WC since the early 1980s and is today a Technical Representative in Customer Service.

“My father moved the family to Singapore in the early 1990s to work at the P&WC Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facility there,” recalls Michael. “Those were pivotal years for me. I started to develop a real interest in aviation, and my exposure to my father’s job obviously played a big role in that.”

Michael (right) and his brothers posing in front of the P&WC booth at the 1996 Singapore Air Show.

Michael (right) and his brothers posing in front of the P&WC booth at the 1996 Singapore Air Show.

However, Michael knew that engineering was not to be his calling. He says that he and his father are very close, but Stephen is definitely left brain while his son is right brain. When it was time to go to university, Michael opted to study communications.

“A couple of years after graduation, I heard that P&WC was looking for a young and dynamic communications advisor with a strong new-media background, so I applied for the position,” says Michael. “I think Dad and I were equally surprised and proud when I got it.”

Now, three years later, Michael is involved with broader communications and advertising initiatives consistent with his career goals. He has lunch once a week with his father, often spending the time talking about the PT6 engine and developments with the website.

Michael says that it’s very convenient to have an always-on-call go-to technical guy who never seems to tire of taking his calls or answering his emails. He knows that whenever he posts anything on, he’ll get at least one like and one share: His dad is one of the site’s biggest fans and an active Facebook user.

Just one more example of keeping it in the family.

COVER PHOTO: Michael Johnson and his dad, Stephen.

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