There are hundreds of people at Pratt & Whitney Canada who work daily and diligently to build and maintain PT6 engines. It’s an impressive family of individuals, and this month we’re featuring a few PT6 family members whose passion for their jobs is clearly evident. These are some of the many people that make the PT6 engine great.

Since Giovanni Mulas joined Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1989, his various jobs have had a consistent focus: provide excellent service to PT6 engine customers. From roughly 2000 to just recently, he was Customer Service Manager for the PT6A engine, helping his team manage customer requests and coordinate field implementation plans. “It’s a great job!” says Giovanni. “Not all customers know about the various services we provide, so the job is an opportunity to get the message out. We are very responsive and can provide services on a personalized level.”

Giovanni is a familiar face to many PT6A engine operators around the world. Over the years, he has made countless presentations to customers on a wide variety of topics, including, in the past few years, the PT6A engine’s remarkable history. From 1996 to 2000, he worked as Reliability Coordinator for the PT6A engine, during which time he took on many projects that increased the durability of the engine and helped build its reputation. “I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity,” says Giovanni. “I take immense pride in being part of the PT6 engine’s legacy.”

Giovanni has recently taken up new responsibilities as Senior Marketing Manager for the PT6A engine, responsible for Eastern Europe and Italy. As he develops relationships with aircraft manufacturers, he will have ample opportunity to put his years of experience understanding operators’ needs and priorities to good use.

COVER PHOTO: Giovanni Mulas

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