P&WC is launching a wireless app as a service lifeline.

It will be an app appropriate for an industry leader. P&WC will soon unveil its new service application designed to give its 10,000 operators around the world instant access to a host of services on all makes and models of wireless handheld, tablet or laptop devices.

The app uses geographic positioning technology to identify the location of the user. It then provides contact information for the closest Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facility in P&WC’s global Service Centre Network of both owned and designated facilities. The app gives direct telephone access to P&WC’s Customer First Centre (CFirst), which offers 24-7 service to provide operators with real-time personalized assistance. “The app has several layers of functionality,” says Jacob Fruhling, Marketing Account Manager, P&WC, who also has experience as an aircraft operator and a field support representative (FSR). “We talked to a lot of people to explore potential situations that operators might find themselves in while in the field. We then based our app’s functionality on those scenarios. ”

Jacob Fruhling

Jacob Fruhling

Users of the app will be able to “pre-fill out” convenient forms and send them to CFirst for tasks such as reporting an Aircraft on Ground (AOG), requesting a technical consultation, scheduling maintenance or making a general inquiry. In addition, the app will offer a collection of useful contacts for other P&WC services, including leasing, warranty programs, customer training and technical publications.

The app will be launched at EAA AirVenture and will be available at http://app.pwc.ca.

“It’s another way we are working to get closer to our customers,” says Jacob. “We are increasingly turning to technologies that are popular with customers in order to give them greater speed and simplicity when they deal with P&WC.”

It’s the latest innovation to applaud in P&WC’s efforts to best serve its customers.

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