Dynamic video profile highlights the PT6 engine’s remarkable versatility.

P&WC has produced a dynamic new video to mark the 50th anniversary of the PT6 engine in 2013. The video can be viewed on PT6Nation’s YouTube channel.

“The story of the PT6 engine is quite amazing as the engine is without compare in the aviation industry,” says Nivine Kallab, Business Development, General Aviation Programs. “We saw the video as an opportunity to pay tribute and express thanks to the pioneers who designed the original engine, the employees who have been working on it over the past 50 years and our various aircraft manufacturers who continue to develop new applications for the engine,” adds Annick Lambert, Manager, Marketing & Business Communications.

Under the title “The Power. The Passion. The Legend,” the four-minute video is introduced by Gordon Hardy, one of the original 12 engineers who designed the engine. Using stunning photography and a dramatic soundtrack, the video shows both vintage and modern turboshaft and turboprop aircraft at work to highlight the many applications the engine has served over the past 50 years. It also showcases what these aircraft are used for: search and rescue, cargo shipment, crop dusting and skydiving, among others.

The video includes testimonials from operators and aircraft manufacturers and ends with candid footage of some of the men and women of P&WC who daily make the engine a dependable reality for thousands of operators around the world.

“We are proud of the engine and what it has accomplished over the past 50 years,” adds Kallab. “The video is important because it shows what has been accomplished so far and will serve as a yardstick against which we can measure the accomplishments of the next 50 years,” concludes Lambert.

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