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  • Greg Heath

I love the PT6A-67B! I flew the B-1900C & D for 9.5 years for USAirExpress in NY. 8,800 hours. That engine was (is) absolutely fantastic! We flew the Hell out of them every single day, in every imaginable kind of weather, from clear skies to thunderstorms, ice, sleet, snow and dust. I never had a problem. They even motored me out of a downdraft microburst on the ILS into KUCA, that scared the living S*** out of me as I had to go full power thru the gates, with no damage. 

Thank you for the great memories. Thank you for a great dependable engine that we could count on in all conditions. I wouldn't fly anything else!!

  • Mike Proulx

My company routinely flies several hours over the Bering Sea serving the remote Pribilof Islands. With no viable airport within an hours' flying time, I sure do pay attention to the fuel burn and ground speed, but I don't worry too much about the PT6A-65B's out on the wings.

We have a fleet of eight Beech 1900C's. Thousands of hours every year of safe and reliable PT6 operations in some truly tough conditions. Beech+Pratt is an awesome combo.

  • Mattyjwz

Waiting for this fog to clear with my favourite horse  

#avgeek #pt6nation #greatdane

  • Jeane Treurnich

My first experience with the 65B engine much more power than the 114A I flew for 2000 hours on the VAN. This picture is at FL250 going Accra in Ghana.

  • Ryan DeLuca

My new little friend Rashid is going through some very scary health issues. He needed to get to a specific doctor in Seattle but couldn't fly commercial because of germs. Today he co-piloted my plane as his family sat comfortably in the back, politely asking me about all of the buttons and controls.

As we entered Seattle airspace, Rashid confidently lowered the landing gear and put the flaps to 30 degrees, and then helped me lightly touch down at Boeing Field.

I haven't had the best week. But nothing could be worse than hearing bad news about your child's health. We all deal with sadness and fear and anger in our lives, but perspective matters.

Rashid, you can be my co-pilot anytime. 

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