P&WC proposed innovative maintenance solutions and operators responded with a resounding YES. In early 2014, P&WC introduced a suite of services under its new PT6SMARTSM banner, developed to meet operators’ emerging needs throughout their engine’s entire lifecycle. The offerings include engine exchanges, upgrade programs, extended warranties, and more. 

“The services we developed were born from our close dialogue with operators in the field, helping them address real-life operating situations,” says Geoffrey Corbeil, General Manager, Marketing, P&WC. “Frankly, the response from our operators has been exceptional, well above our expectations. That response has led us to continue to expand and improve the suite of services.”


A new time-limited offer has been developed for operators of PT6A-27/-28/-34 engines. The offer, which expires September 30, 2015, lets you extend the life of your aircraft by purchasing a “zero time since overhaul” engine exchange at a fixed price. With no additional charges for low-cycle fatigue expired parts, corrosion, sulphidation, foreign object damage or non-OEM parts in the core engine, the offer is a cost-effective approach to resuming flight with engines that have genuine P&WC parts. Click here for more information.

Here you will find additional information on PT6A engine overhaul rebates, hot section inspections, CT blade rebates and the CT Vane Ring Refresh Exchange Program. Visit PT6SMART.ca regularly to see the latest developments in the portfolio.

Self-Profiling Tool

To help our operators keep flying SMART, we have launched a self-profiling tool that lets you identify the best maintenance option for your PT6A engine. All you have to do is answer six simple questions to discover which PT6SMARTSM solution can meet your needs on a cost effective basis. Click here to access the tool.

Expanding the SMART Approach

P&WC continues to expand its portfolio with the launch of the P&WCSMART Turboshaft Dependable Solutions in early 2015 and a suite of tailored offerings for the regional airlines market under the PW100SMART banner in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.

For P&WC operators, it’s the SMART way to do business.

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