Parts are picked, packed and ready for shipment in 30 minutes.

When every minute counts, P&WC operators can rely on the company’s part-delivery capabilities to get them what they need in just a matter of hours. With its extensive fleet of 50,000 engines and auxiliary power units flying in 200 countries around the world, P&WC has the delivery of parts down to an exacting science, able to meet customers’ needs whether they are in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean or in the far reaches of the Arctic Circle in Norway.

P&WC has built a network of strategically located parts distribution centres (PDC) around the world located in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada), Memphis (Tennessee, USA), Muskegon (Michigan, USA), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Singapore, Sydney (Australia) and Sorocaba (Brazil). These PDCs speed delivery of some 60,000 parts into the waiting hands of P&WC customers every month. “A couple of years ago, we set a target of having a part delivered within 12 hours for any Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation,” says Anthony Hinton, General Manager, Component Solutions and Spare Parts. “We achieved our goal and have now set our sights on an eight-hour target.”

When a PDC employee gets a part order from a customer, he or she knows what’s riding on its delivery: Waiting for parts means potential mission delays and loss of revenue. In most P&WC PDCs, once a part order is received, it’s picked, packed and on the dock and ready for shipment in 30 minutes. PDCs are located at major transportation hubs to ensure easy access to shipping services.

In addition to its focus on speed, P&WC has a robust part-exchange business to offer operators a choice for replacement parts. “Our philosophy is to create a convenient, one-stop environment for our operators, whether they are looking for new or refurbished P&WC parts,” explains Anthony. “In many instances, due to time constraints, customers will opt for an exchange part. They give us their old part and we sell them the refurbished part they need at a substantial reduction from the published new-parts price list.”

Anthony says that sourcing parts from the engine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) always ensures that the operator is using quality P&WC parts and adhering to the company’s highest standards for safety and dependability.

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