Hartzell Propeller - Part of PT6 Engine Legend

When the first PT6 engine came off the production line back in 1963, it was paired with a high-performance Hartzell propeller. Over the next 50 years, Hartzell partnered and grew with the legendary PT6 engine every step of the way. Now, with specifically designed installations on over 60 models of the PT6 turboprop engine, it seems like a natural fit that Hartzell has become a key sponsor of P&WC’s year-long celebration of the engine.

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Hartzell Propeller of Piqua, Ohio, has worked closely with P&WC over the years, cultivating a seamless business relationship that has produced a market-leading engine-and-propeller combination. Both companies share a love of flying and a passion for growing the general aviation market globally. “We have great respect for the PT6 engine,” says J.J. Frigge, Executive Vice-President, Hartzell Propeller. “Given our common history, we were attracted to the partnering aspect of being involved in the PT6 engine’s 50th-anniversary celebration.”

Frigge says there are many similarities between Hartzell and P&WC. “We have grown together,” he explains. “Both companies are dedicated to quality and safety. With engineering in our DNA, we have a passion for innovation and to make aircraft fly better.”

Engineering staff at P&WC and Hartzell have worked together closely over the years as new PT6 engine programs were developed. In May of this year, a Hartzell engineer spent two days with some 35 P&WC project engineers to exchange information and ideas on product integration and optimization. Program development meetings happen consistently throughout the year, and aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often schedule project meetings that incorporate both P&WC and Hartzell as two of their most integral suppliers. “The PT6 engine remains a bellwether in the turboprop engine market simply because it continues to innovate and build on its long tradition of reliability,” says Frigge. “It has been a true game changer in the aircraft industry for 50 years, and we believe the future is very, very bright for the PT6 engine.”

Concludes Denis Parisien, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC: “An exceptional engine demands an exceptional propeller, and year after year, Hartzell has won over aircraft OEMs by designing and manufacturing propellers ideally suited to our PT6 engines.”

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