The PT6E-66XT engine, the latest addition to the PT6 E-Series™ engine family, has been selected to power Daher’s TBM 960 – the company’s latest very fast, single-engine turboprop aircraft. The announcement was made at the first General Aviation airshow of the year, Sun n’ Fun, which took place early April in Lakeland, Florida.

Check out our full-length engine video that outlines all the benefits of the PT6E-66XT engine!

“The PT6E-66XT engine was purpose built for the TBM 960 and Daher shares our enthusiasm for the way in which our new engine is enhancing the flying experience,” says Nicholas Kanellias, vice president, General Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “This is the second platform for our PT6 E-Series engine family, and it reaffirms our continued commitment to innovation and our desire to proactively bring solutions to our customers. Driven by more than 100 digital data inputs, the PT6E-66XT engine offers the optimal combination of precision, performance and efficiency for an elevated flying experience.”

Check out some pictures of the Daher TBM 960 that were captured at Sun n’ Fun.

The new PT6E-66XT engine offers an enhanced and simplified pilot experience. The digitally enabled single lever engine operation allows for true precision-controlled auto-throttle. This provides a more intuitive way of flying that effectively reduces operation and pilot workload.

High Availability, Low Maintenance

The design and digital capabilities of the PT6E-66XT engine increase the availability of the aircraft. Scheduled maintenance intervals for this engine have been increased, including the overhaul interval increasing to 5,000 hours. The electronic control system allows the removal of hardware from the engine, translating into a combined 40% reduction in scheduled maintenance.

“The PT6E-66XT embodies the DNA of the iconic PT6A, a family which has accumulated more than 430 million flying hours” concludes Kanellias. It is the engine of choice for missions and applications of all kinds and is the only turboprop engine family to have achieved Single Engine Instrument Flight Rules status for passenger revenue activity. Learn more about our new PT6E-66XT here.

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