Listening and Delivering 

There are over 6,000 operators around the world flying aircraft powered by PT6A engines. For P&WC, that global community represents a rich source of experience and insight that we can use to develop new services to best meet operators’ emerging needs. Based on such input, P&WC has recently introduced new products and services that help make it easier for these operators to stay with the PT6A team and its reputation for dependability.

The PT6SMARTSM program was launched earlier in 2014 and features a suite of new, tailored products and services for operators of used aircraft. This includes engine exchanges, upgrade programs, and an extended warranty for a number of PT6A engines.

 “PT6SMARTSM is our way of helping operators keep their engine ‘P&WC dependable’ through competitive offerings at guaranteed prices,” says Geoffrey Corbeil, General Manager, Marketing, P&WC. “With PT6SMARTSM we are developing services that address operators’, real-life, in-the-field issues that we have documented based on our ongoing dialogue with them.” 

The various PT6SMARTSM solutions offer a variety of benefits to operators. These benefits can include no additional charge for expired low cycle fatigue (LCF) parts, non-genuine P&WC parts, corrosion, sulphidation and foreign object damage (FOD). The new offerings often eliminate the need for a rental engine and the additional removal and installation (R&I) costs. 

To date, a number of tailored offerings have been developed:

• The PT6A-114 to PT6A-114A Engine Upgrade increases power from 600 to 675 SHP. 

• The 1,000 Hours Engine Exchange Program appeals to operators of low-utilization aircraft. 

• The PT6A Engine Extended Warranty sustains the value of your aircraft asset. 

• The On-Demand Zero Time Since Overall Engine Exchange Program appeals to operators whose engines are reaching their time between overhaul limit.

 P&WC is actively promoting these new offerings at trade shows, on the web and through social media, and in contacts with our customers including sales calls, presentations and webcasts. Details on the PT6SMARTSM offerings can be found at

“In our conversations with customers, we constantly solicit their input on the effectiveness of the existing PT6SMARTSM offerings and gather insights into what services we should be developing for the future,” says Corbeil. “At the heart of the PT6SMARTSM program is an understanding that customers drive the development of new offerings. Our job is to listen and deliver.”

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