Conversion Enhancement Programs 

Conversion enhancement programs are fast becoming popular among operators looking to upgrade their PT6 engine-powered aircraft without the expense of acquiring an entirely new aircraft. These conversions are generally conducted for operators by companies that specialize in upgrades of aircraft with Pratt & Whitney Canada engines. 

“Typically, these are operators who are facing a major event, such as an overhaul, or who are looking for more performance,” says Miro Sep, Senior Marketing Account Manager, P&WC. “Increasingly, such operators are seeing the value proposition of a conversion because they can get more powerful engines, which strengthen their operating performance and increase the resale value of their aircraft. In addition, credits for time remaining to overhaul are provided, which encourages some operators not to wait until overhaul to perform the upgrade. The conversion delivers many benefits without the cost of acquiring a new aircraft.” 

Conversions are most prevalent in the owner-operator and corporate segments, while demand is starting to grow in the utility segment. Given the broad range of PT6 engine power capabilities, there is also new interest materializing in the agricultural segment. With its innovative design and diverse product portfolio, the PT6 engine offers a range of powers with basically the same package. Thus, many aircraft types can be upgraded with minimal airframe changes.

Blackhawk Modifications

“We have developed excellent relationships with the conversion companies – including Blackhawk Modifications and Standard Aero – and we are very optimistic this segment will continue to grow in the coming years,” concludes Miro.

Finnoff Aircraft

OEM and Aircraft: 

Blackhawk Modifications: King Air 90 and 200, Cheyenne, Conquest and Caravan engine upgrade 

Standard Aero: King Air 90 and 200 engine upgrade 

Cascade Aircraft Conversions: AT402 upgrade program 

Finnoff Aviation: PC-12 upgrade program 

Viking Air: DHC-6 Twin Otter upgrade program 

Kenn Borek Air: DHC-6 Twin Otter upgrade program

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