PT6A - 500 to 1,900 shaft horsepower class

PT6A engines are available in more than 70 models, offering unsurpassed flexibility and capability for a variety of applications.

6,800 operators

in more than 180 countries

400 million

flying hours

128 different

applications of flight

More than 47,500

PT6A engines have been produced since the family entered service


PT6A engines are engineered for tomorrow to ensure you can go further today. Available in three series with increasing power levels and referred to as PT6A 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large’ engine series, it is the most versatile turboprop engine family on the planet. The PT6A is the proven choice for demanding, high-cycle/high-power applications in single- and twin-engine aircraft for missions and applications of all kinds, including corporate, skydiving and agriculture, cargo, and amphibious missions. 

The only engine to achieve SEIFR status for passenger revenue activity in North America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand - a result of our relentless focus on reliability.

Simple, on-wing maintenance is possible for most tasks, where other engines might need a shop visit.

Flexible engine architecture and modular reverse flow design simplify installation in both single- and twin-engine installations as well as tractor and pusher propeller configurations.

Our commitment to reliable innovation has led to advances in the PT6A engine family including oil analysis technology, electronic controls, and fuel-burn improvements. Easy access to all external components means there’s no other engine in General Aviation that’s easier to maintain than the PT6A.

Multi-stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressor
Reverse flow, radial inlet with screen for FOD (foreign object damage) protection 

Reverse-flow combustor
Low emissions, high stability and easy starting 

 Single-stage compressor turbine
Cooled vanes in some models to maintain high durability

Independent “free” power turbine with shrouded
Forward-facing output for fast hot section refurbishment 

Epicyclic speed reduction gearbox
Enables compact installation and output speed is optimized for highest power and low propeller noise  

Electronic engine control (EEC) on many PT6A models
Ease of operation and reduced pilot workload