What makes a LEGEND?

It starts with an idea, it grows with the PURPOSE to delight 
CUSTOMERS, and it’s born from VICTORY.

But the only legends that are truly worth celebrating 
are those that carry on long after the first victory lap,
where VISION, purpose and success are ongoing.

This is the legend of the PT6 engine, 
and now it’s time for us to CELEBRATE 50 inspiring years 
of turboprop INNOVATION.

When the engineers at Pratt & Whitney Canada convened 50 years ago this December to witness the delivery of the first production engine of their turboprop brainchild – the PT6 – they must have felt collective pride in having “gotten it right”; the engine would go on to perform as beautifully as they had intended. What they likely didn’t realize at the time was that the PT6 would draw a deep and enduring line in the sand of the global aviation industry: “Getting it right” would be the PT6’s hallmark for the next half-century. Today, the engine still performs like no other.

COVER PHOTO: The mesmerizing makeup of a PT6 compressor.