Focusing on customers’ needs and building relationships.

P&WC-powered aircraft are in operation in virtually every country around the globe. The company owns and operates a network of Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities strategically located to service these engines wherever they may be. To promote the MRO services it provides, P&WC has global teams that are also strategically located. It’s their job to bring a local presence to the company’s customer-service operation.

We spoke with several of them to get a glimpse into their daily professional lives.

Phil J. Cusolito

Phil J. Cusolito

Phil J. Cusolito, Regional Sales Manager

Serving: Southeast United States, including Florida, Georgia and Alabama 

Years with P&WC: 10 On the best part of the job: “I enjoy resolving customer issues and adding to the positive image of P&WC. I also enjoy expanding what we are capable of in terms of meeting customer requirements and generating new business opportunities.” 

On P&WC customer service: “According to the customer feedback I receive, P&WC customer service exceeds the industry norm for turbine-engine manufacturers. Personally, I always look for ways to improve the service we provide. As a team, we are constantly examining the processes and tools we use to improve quality.” 

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “The 50th anniversary of the PT6 engine is proof of the promise we make in our brand logo: ‘dependable engines.’ There are no other light turbine engines in operation today that have been in production for this length of time. It’s remarkable to think that we have PT6 engines flying with more than 30,000 hours total flying time, and the entire fleet of PT6 engines has 385,000,000 hours of flying time.”

Paschoal Silva

Paschoal Silva

Paschoal Silva, Regional Sales Manager

Serving: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and parts of Brazil 

Years with P&WC:

On the best part of the job: “I am proud to be part of a select group of professionals who work for P&WC, an industry icon. It is great to have the opportunity to interface with our customers and offer them customized maintenance solutions that are seen as best in class.” 

On P&WC customer service: “It’s a legendary industry benchmark.” 

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “The anniversary is an opportunity to acknowledge an extraordinary product that will continue to power many future aircraft.”

Kaval Shah

Kaval Shah

Kaval Shah, Regional Sales Manager

Serving: Sub-Saharan Africa

Years with P&WC: 18 months

On the best part of the job: “I enjoy meeting and supporting a wide variety of customers across Africa that have very diverse operations and requirements. The job is always interesting, and I like working with my customers.”

On P&WC customer service: “There is genuine caring and a desire to support our customers worldwide. Our focus is on making sure that customers know they can get support from us whenever it’s required.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “It’s a fantastic milestone that cements the success of a truly iconic engine family. The PT6 engine is still at the forefront of reliability and technology, and it’s ready for another 50 years.”

Vellu Venu

Vellu Venu

Vellu Venu, Regional Sales Manager

Serving: Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, the Maldives and Sri Lanka

Years with P&WC: 16

On the best part of the job: “I find the job rewarding, and I enjoy working with my customers in the varying countries and cultures and building relationships with them. I think that’s the most important part of my job.”

On P&WC customer service: “It is a great organization to work with, and the team is always able to come up with solutions for our customers.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “The PT6 engine has been adapted to meet an amazing number of applications. Fifty years is an incredible milestone, and the engine deserves its reputation as a legend in the industry.”

It’s obvious that these individuals are defined by their commitment to service and their determination to build lasting relationships with their customers.

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