P&WC’s global Customer Service network provides around-the-clock response.

P&WC’s Customer Service organization is viewed as one of the best in the business, lauded for its global reach, responsive culture and ability to serve operators on a 24-7 basis.

Brian Rinkevicius, Manager, Customer Service Marketing, says that the group has evolved over the years, expanding the suite of services it offers and constantly honing its response capabilities. “We have essentially built our Customer Service network around our customers and positioned ourselves to be able to respond whenever and wherever our customers need us,” he says.

Central to P&WC’s customer-service capabilities is its global Service Centre Network of 30 owned and designated Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities strategically located to provide flexible service options to operators. These are state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest in analytic and test equipment. All are staffed by highly qualified technicians who make sure that operators’ engines are maintained and overhauled to P&WC’s high standards, helping ensure their dependability and maximizing their time on wing.

To augment the capabilities of these facilities, P&WC has approximately 100 mobile repair teams (MRT) on standby around the clock who can reach a customer’s location in most parts of the world within eight hours, an industry benchmark.

The company has an inventory of 800 rental engines that can be quickly dispatched to virtually any location in the world. P&WC also operates seven parts distribution centres offering both new and repaired parts that, in the majority of cases, can be delivered anywhere in the world within 12 hours.

A key force in the company’s service efforts is its Customer First Centre (CFirst), located in Longueuil, Quebec, which is staffed by event managers, logistics specialists and other experts who provide personalized service and advice to operators around the world on a 24-7 basis. CFirst handles some 140,000 customer contacts a year and also has event managers stationed in Singapore.

Also providing personalized service are P&WC’s approximately 100 field support representatives (FSRs). Available to their customers around the clock, FSRs routinely travel the territories they serve to meet customers on their own premises.

P&WC helps operators plan their maintenance costs by offering Pay-per-Hour (PpH) maintenance programs that provide business, general aviation and fleet operators a “no surprises” maintenance environment. The company offers a host of diagnostic, prognostic and health-management (DPHM) products than can record, store and transmit engine-performance data to move operators toward a planned environment.

P&WC is increasingly using online capabilities to better serve customers, providing them with both speed and simplicity when dealing with the company. In this vein, P&WC has bolstered the capabilities of its Customer Portal (eportal.pwc.ca) to allow for transactional services. Operators can now order and access their engine-maintenance manuals from the portal, report their monthly hours for their Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP® program) and file and track warranty claims.

To enhance its responsiveness to customer input, P&WC has created a Web page dedicated to customer satisfaction: www.pwc.ca\customerexperience.

“We have enhanced our capabilities over the years to the point that, today, P&WC customer service is truly a one-stop resource for all of our operators’ engine needs wherever their aircraft fly,” concludes Rinkevicius.

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