Field support representatives serve operators around the world.

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has approximately 100 field support representatives (FSRs) strategically located around the world. For many of our operators, their local FSR is the face of P&WC and their own personal champion when it comes to engine-related matters. Given P&WC’s array of turboprop, turboshaft and turbofan engines, FSRs are required to be knowledgeable and experienced.

FSRs have been a vital part of the company since the PT6 engine was launched 50 years ago. Former FSR Carl Healey was assigned to Beech Aircraft and was on hand in January 1964 to help install the first two PT6 A-6 engines on the prototype King Air model 90 LJ-1. He said that Olive Ann Beech, the head of Beech Aircraft Company at the time, was there to witness the first flight of the aircraft. The enjoyment gained from helping customers, as Carl experienced, is a common thread among FSRs.

We spoke to five current P&WC FSRs recently about the joys and challenges of their jobs.

Stephan Heep

Stephan Heep

Stephan Heep, FSR

Serving: New Zealand and the South Pacific

Years with P&WC: 14

On the best part of the job: “For me, it’s twofold. First, it’s working with my customer to attain a positive outcome. That involves everything from resolving a field issue down to something as simple as sharing some tips on using the company’s Customer Portal. I like being a link in the chain that delivers customer service. Second, it’s being able to pass on the customer’s perspective and priorities to the decision makers at P&WC, which helps shape the way we deliver our services.”

On P&WC customer service: “P&WC has a tremendous number of talented, energetic and customer-focused people, many of whom are on the front lines working as FSRs and in CFirst. I get glowing reports from my customers on their experiences dealing with CFirst and the ability of its staff to resolve issues.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “It’s a tremendous milestone and certainly something to celebrate. The engine continues to be an operator favourite, and for me, it holds front-row status in the engine ‘Hall of Fame.’”

Bill Sinclair, Senior FSR

Serving: 24 countries in Africa

Years with P&WC: 32

On the best part of the job: “Every day is different with different operators, different engine models and work in different locations. I like the variety.”

On P&WC customer service: “The support provided by P&WC is very highly rated by the operators in my region. No other engine manufacturer provides the level of support that P&WC does.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “It marks a huge milestone. It is the cornerstone on which P&WC was built.’”

Christian Perie

Christian Perie

Christian Perie, FSR

Serving: Corsica, France (southern), Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Monaco, Andorra, Sierra Leone.

Years with P&WC: 14

On the best part of the job: “I like the personalized assistance and the various services we provide for our customers. The quality of our work makes a big difference to our customers; that’s something I never lose sight of.”

On P&WC customer service: “We are here to help customers get the most from the P&WC engines they operate. It’s our job to help operators maximize the operating economics, reliability and safety of their engines.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “The fact that the PT6 engine is still so popular after 50 years says a lot. It shows just how good the product is and underlines the fact that we continue to invest in the engine to keep it leading-edge.”

Benny Chavez, FSR

Serving: New Mexico, West Texas and Mexico

Years with P&WC: 23

On the best part of the job: “This job is never boring; every day is different and brings new opportunities to learn.”

On P&WC customer service: “I believe that P&WC customer service is the best. The fact that FSRs spend time in the field developing relationships with our customers is a competitive advantage for the company.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “The engine is the best of the best. Often when I tell people familiar with the industry that I work for P&WC, they immediately make reference to the PT6 engine. I am sure the PT6 engine will see many more anniversaries.”

Kyle Klempin

Kyle Klempin

Kyle Klempin, FSR

Serving: Parts of the southern United States, including Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Years with P&WC: 13

On the best part of the job: “I enjoy interacting with diverse groups of people in an ever-changing environment. Every day is different from the day before.”

On P&WC customer service: “I think the customer service we offer our operators is outstanding, and I am proud to be a part of that.”

On the PT6 engine’s 50th anniversary: “It’s a superior product, and demand for the engine continues to increase.”

FSRs are also key in welcoming new operators of P&WC engines to the company. They typically help implement P&WC’s Initial Customer Support (ICS) program, which offers a comprehensive overview of the services and support placed at the disposal of new engine operators, including such items as warranty, technical publications and field support.

High-performance standards, reliability and delivering for customers: These are attributes that define P&WC’s FSRs and its iconic PT6 engine – all coming together as a perfect match.

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