50th Birthday Party

The events and special initiatives held during the course of 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 engine have played out on many levels and in many venues. What has been consistent throughout, however, is that it has been a true team effort.

“We owe a great deal of thanks to the people who have come together to help make this year of celebration so successful,” says Denis Parisien, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC. “It’s an effort that has been supported by countless customers and fans of the PT6 engine, our suppliers, the original equipment manufacturers who have embraced the engine over the years and, of course, our employees around the world. Whenever I am at a show or special event where the engine is being featured, I know that I will be approached by customers with stories about how the engine has performed for them, what it means to their business or to them personally and how much they have come to rely on it and trust its performance. For them, it’s not a piece of equipment; the value they place in their PT6 engines is much greater.”

Internally at P&WC, virtually every department in the company has been involved in the PT6 engine’s 50th celebration. Like P&WC’s customers, its employees also have a special passion for the engine and that passion was demonstrated throughout the year. “Through the work of our employees, we were able to stage a truly global celebration, the memories of which will last for many years to come,” says Parisien.

“As with the celebration this year, the 50-year success of the engine was also predicated on teamwork,” says Maria Della Posta, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, P&WC. “In addition to the original 12 engineers who designed the PT6 engine, the presidents who have served the company since the engine was first developed including Ronald T. Riley, Thor E. Stephenson, Donald C. Lowe, Elvie L. Smith, L. David Caplan, Gilles Ouimet, Alain Bellemare and John Saabas all contributed to the success of the PT6 engine because they ensured funding for its continued development and growth.”

Della Posta says that other names also come to mind, such as Donald (Dusty) Miller and Derek Emmerson, who developed the engine’s agricultural (ag) market, as well as Dick Guthrie, Ken Sullivan, Dick McLachlan, Fred Cowley, Doug Millar and Ron Riley, who were tireless champions of the engine and personally contributed to its success over five decades. “Many people put their fingerprints on the success of the PT6 engine, from the beginning until now,” she says. “In fact, this year of celebration is a tribute to all past and present collaborators and employees who have contributed to what the PT6 engine has accomplished and what it will further achieve as it continues its remarkable success story in the years to come.”

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